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We started out by trying to demonstrate how marbled fabric could be used in traditional quilts. It wasn't enough for us. We kept turning out these wonderful pieces of art cloth, with no idea how to extend our use of them.

What was serendipitous were three things: a visit by a quilt artist who proceeded to take a fat quarter and turn it into something spectacular by quilting and beading a story into it. The second was a series of essays by Barbara Kingsolver (High Tide in Tucson, Small Wonders) that are wonderful descriptions of everything around us in nature. The mental images begged to be translated into cloth. The third thing was the fact that Linda taught earth science and loved images of the planet. That led to a concentrated attempt to break the mold and start representing images of earth in the marbled cloth.

We haven't looked back. Silk, satin, wool - any fabric that has the texture to create an "earthy" image will probably be marbled. What follows is our new work to date, with explanations of technique and inspiration. Enjoy!

(NOTE: Work is available for purchase. Please contact the artists for more information.)



Small Wonders: Working Small, Thinking Large

Start small and in the end celebrate something larger in nature. From the microorganism to the idea of summer, great things come in small packages!

Whispers in the Moonlight


Abstraction: Letting the Fabric Talk to Us

Occasionally the fabric tells us what it wants to be, and then we have wonderful small pieces - and sometimes larger ones - with their own stories.



Nature: Wonder All Around

Take a somewhat abstract look at the incredible beauty of nature around us. Sometimes we never see a still pond for its serenity, a rock garden for its meditation, or a rock path for its mysteriousness.




Art Quilting: Exploring with Cloth



Gaia: The Spirit of the Earth

Celebrate the spirit of our planet that excites us, moves us, makes us wonder at its magnificence, and brings us to tears at its incredible beauty. The Gaia pieces all use a woven technique unique to these pieces, since one of the wonders of our planet is the interdependence of everything.



Mandala: Spiritual Manifestations

Our planet and its place in the universe is filled with restless energy. The sun is a circular orb, as is our constantly moving, molten planet. The amazing spirituality that can be found in all aspects of our world continue to manifest in the circular form of these pieces.


Other Works: Where the Creative Spirit Leads

Sometimes art "just happens." Sometimes we start with an idea or, in our case, a piece of fabric that speaks to us. Who knows where it will take us?


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