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The Art of Abstraction: So many of our pieces "speak" to us as they leave the marbling tray. Most of the time it is about nature, but not may have its own story, planned or not. Some of these artworks are also in other galleries as they fit. Enjoy this constantly new gallery.




Chocolate Box

c. 2000, 8 x 8 inches

Framed on canvas, a small collection of commercial and hand-marbled fabrics to represent a chocolate sampler.





Ode to Hokusai: Dragon in Flight

c. 2013, 13 x 24 inches (~)

Hand-marbled on orange cotton lame in a very contemporary freeform pattern. It's reminiscent of Hokusai's famous curling wave, and in the orange I kept seeing a dragon. Soft and subtle in design, even being orange! Nice glow from the lame fabric.





Black and White with a Hint

c. 2003, 21 x 52 inches; with hanging system 36 x 52 inches.

Appraisal available. Exhibited in "My World in Black and White" online exhibit, as well as Ontaria Museum of Art, Ontario, CA 20034-2004

This piece evolved into a weaving, very long for a particular space on a wall.Woven with some plain-colored fabric and accented with hints of orange, the piece became balanced and began to glow with the accent of orange through some simple quilting.

Very architectural in design. Definitely influenced by Fibonnaci!





Leftovers 1: Sunrise

c. 2017, 5 x 7 without the framing.

Hand-marbled and machine stitched from "leftover" paints and designs in the marbling tray. We get some amazing "unplanned" ideas for these pieces.

$ 80.00



Leftovers 2: From Above


Strata 1: Kelp




Strata 2: Veins of Gold



Sea Creatures

c. 2002, 8 x 10 inches.

Hand-marbled poly-satin in a free-form pattern, accented with machine stitching and some star fish.





c. 2016

A three-panel commission, with the Chinese character for "family" in the cen ter panel. Hand-marbled unpolished white satins, machine quilting. Side panels satin-stitched, all on black polyester-linen and framed on canvas.

Private Collection





c. 2000, 44 x 19 inches

Hand-marbled brown rayon in a very contemporary free-form pattern.

Exhibited at "Art of the Sixth Extinction," Tucson, AZ in 2005






Whispers at Midnight

c. 2016, 8 x 16 inches

Hand-marbled black poly-linen in a contemporary freeform, accented with purple threads.




Partly Sunny, Chance of Storms

c. 2107, 12 x 12 inches

Hand-marbled white ultrasuede with variegated thread. I wasn't sure where this piece was going until I added the heavier yellow thread. THen it reminded me of monsoon season in Tucson.




c. 2001, 8 x 11 inches, started life as part of the QuiltArt Journal Project. Hand-marbled brown cotton, embellished with thread and glitter.


Private Collection



Marbled Monet (Also called Summer Joy)




A Sliver of Moonlight

c. 2016, 8x8 inches

Hand-marbled black poly-satin in a freeform pattern, with "slivers" of purples and grays.

Private Collection




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